Pros Share Favorite Gym Floors of Summer 2021

9 22 Gym Blexrud 1

It’s officially the first day of autumn, and as the busy summer season comes to a close, we asked pros to send some of their favorite gym floor projects completed over summer 2021. Here’s what they shared:

Hero Perez

9 22 Gym Hero 19 22 Gym Hero 29 22 Gym Hero 3


Stephen Gunneson

9 22 Gym Gunneson


Kaleb Baldridge

9 22 Gym Baldridge


Jon Weeks Jr.

9 22 Gym Weeks


Mike Blexrud

9 22 Gym Blexrud 19 22 Gym Blexrud 3


Titoe Gomez

9 22 Gym Gomez


Razvan Tata

9 22 Gym Tata


Ricky King

9 22 Gym King 19 22 Gym King 2


Raphael Chee

9 22 Gym Chee


Anthony Magaro a.k.a. Mr. Sandman

Kudos to my daughter, Julia, on always finding a better way to touch up gym lines.

9 22 Gym Magaro 19 22 Gym Magaro 2


George Braica - Performance Surfaces

9 22 Gym Braica


Have a great gym floor project that should be included? Send it to us at [email protected]. Check out some favorite gym floor projects from summer 2020 here.

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