Roy Reichow

Roy Reichow has 44 years of experience in the wood flooring industry as a wood flooring expert. He holds all NWFA certifications including Inspector and Commercial Inspector, and is ranked one of the top three certified professionals with the NWFA. Roy has served on the NWFACP board of directors as well as past chairman. Roy founded National Wood Floor Consultants Inc. (NWFC) in 2001, a wood floor inspection/consultation firm. NWFC services include mediation, arbitration and litigation consulting and expert testimony for wood flooring design, flooring construction specifications, insurance and installation compliance claims. NWFC has extensive experience and expertise in performing wood floor evaluations/inspections including forensics, diagnostics, and investigations related to design, installation and construction defects.  Roy has authored many articles published in Wood Floor Business magazine as well as other trade publications. He is a national presenter at various conferences and leads educational seminars for wood floor professionals.

  • Wednesday, August, 06, 2014 A Simple Solution to Avoid This Inspection Causing sanding damage to millwork items such as the baseboard and base shoe is a floor refinisher's nightmare. In many cases, the millwork has already seen wear and tear. Now, after sanding, it has...
  • Wednesday, April, 30, 2014 Video: Roy Wraps Up the 2014 NWFA Expo

    As the 2014 NWFA Expo in Nashville was about to wrap up I talked with Hardwood Floors' Andrew Averill about the show:

  • Monday, February, 17, 2014 Blending in Wood Floor Repairs I get calls for inspections all the time on wood floor repairs someone did, often after water damage. Typically what's happened is they added new flooring to replace the damaged wood flooring but now...
  • Wednesday, February, 05, 2014 What's Wrong With This Power Hookup?

    Roy R - fuse box with 220 hooked up with alligator clips.jpgWhat's wrong with this photo?

  • Wednesday, February, 05, 2014 How Many Wood Floor 'Failures' Start Before the Sale Awhile back I was hired to do sales education training for a big flooring retailer, so ahead of time my wife and I went secret-shopping to the company's various retail outlets. We targeted the most...
  • Monday, October, 28, 2013 Mystery Marks in the Wood Floor

    Have you come across marks this when you go to resand a wood floor? Do you know what they are?

    Carpet Stretcher Marks.jpg

  • Tuesday, October, 08, 2013 Scary Job-Site Scene I was on a job recently and took this photo. What do you think is wrong with this scene? At first glance you might not see anything wrong, but what if I tell you this is how the job site was left...
  • Thursday, September, 19, 2013 Spot the Problem in this Repaired Wood Floor

    Can you spot the problem with this floor from a recent inspection?

    Roy Reichow white oak red oak repair 440.jpg

  • Wednesday, September, 04, 2013 Mysterious Plywood Subfloor Moisture ... Or Not? Have you ever come across a situation like this? Here it is: The flooring contractor was waiting for the subfloor moisture content (MC) to decline before proceeding with a plank floor installation.
  • Tuesday, May, 28, 2013 Yes, I Screwed Up My Own Install I was contracted to install a 3/8" red oak prefinished engineered wood floor. This was to be installed during the client's six-week vacation. With a six-week window, I was going to use this job...