I am on my way back home from the 2012 NWFA convention in Orlando and wanted to get some thoughts online before the distraction of being back home starts. It was a lot of fun to be able to say hello to fellow bloggers Scott Avery, Wayne Lee, and Elizabeth Baldwin. But the real news is …

There was a remarkably different vibe this year. A lot of people who had recently been absent were back, and the exhibits looked very busy all day on Wednesday. A number of people commented on how great I looked (which isn't true), which I attribute to the growing optimism about the renewal going on at NWFA. Everyone I encountered was happy to be there, and the negativity that had accumulated in the past half dozen years is gone.

My thrifty travel planning was a rousing success. But I have to admit that it might have been a little nicer to have stayed at the convention hotel/center. Here is the final expense tally:

  • My hotel (the Broken Arms _otel-the "H" is missing) was $270
  • Air fare $350
  • Rental car $110
  • Misc $160
For a total = $890. I had several fellow thrifty travelers mention my previous post on this topic and even offer some additional tips on how to further economize. In fact, I was able to save $16.05 on parking Wednesday thanks to a thoughtful tip. :-) That is the first smiley face that I have ever used.

My next effort will be back to our thought experiment on cupping…

Howard Brickman

Howard Brickman has operated his own consulting and contracting business, Brickman Consulting, in Boston since 1984, and has worked in the wood flooring industry in Memphis, Seattle, and Boston since 1978. He was a Floor of the Year winner in 1999. Howard has hands-on experience with all phases of installation, sanding and finishing, ranging from gymnasiums to concert halls, as well as new construction and 300-plus-year-old antique houses in Plymouth County, Mass. He also spent three years at UMass Amherst as a graduate student in the Wood Anatomy Lab. He was a charter member of the NWFA. His hobby: Welsh corgis, because "You have to love dogs that live so close to the floor."