Introducing Color Theory for Custom Wood Finishing

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Learning objectives:

      🔵 Use color theory to layer LED-cured color oils

      đź”´ Manipulate wood color with LED-cured oils by using the color wheel

      🟡 Neutralize pink, red and yellow tones in wood when coating


      When working with custom colors on wood flooring or any other wood, it’s extremely important to understand color theory and how that may affect the appearance of color. In this live demo, industry-leading color experts Avedis Duvenjian and Vartan Arutyunian will cover the basics needed to understand color–including the color wheel, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, hue, saturation, CRI and more. Watch as they demonstrate how to manipulate color and neutralize unwanted pink, red and yellow tones utilizing this knowledge.

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      LED Coating Solutions is the brainchild of Avedis Duvenjian and Vartan Arutyunian, who are renowned in the wood flooring industry for their award-winning high-end work throughout the world with a focus on custom design and color. Now they are introducing game-changing European LED-cured oil finishes to the North American market for use both on the job site and in factory-finishing lines.

      Speaker Bios:

      Avedis Duvenjian's background in wood finishing goes back generations before him to his grandfather in Armenia. In his own career, he felt drawn to wood flooring, in particular the work of legendary wood floor master Birger Juell, renowned for his classic European parquets, and the oil finishes being used in Europe. Avedis and hisSpeaker 1 partner, Vartan, created Archetypal Imagery, which has become one of the most award-winning and sought-after wood flooring companies in the world. Today, Avedis's obsession with color theory and how color and finishes interplay with wood has become his life’s work, and creating LED Coatings Solutions is the culmination of that work.

      Vartan Arutyunian grew up in Armenia and pursued an education in art, and because of his extraordinary artistic talent, he was able to secure a talent visa to get his green card and live in the United States. His artistic talent found an outlet withSpeaker 2 his friend Avedis and their company, Archetypal Imagery. Today, Vartan continues to bring his extraordinary artistic insights into color and design to Archetypal Imagery and, now, LED Coating Solutions.

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