We asked our Facebook and Instagram followers the above question. Here are some responses:


Jason Mack

Use the proper trowel suggested by the adhesive manufacturers. Too many guys grab any random trowel that does not have the proper size and notch.


Shannon Fochtman

Use straps!


João Dias

We specialize in installing over radiant heat, where mistakes like hollow spots just can't happen, so we designed this system that won't damage the surface of factory-finished floors.


Kevin Feigel

Make sure your sticky hands come in contact with every surface possible (walls, door handles, light switches, taps, furniture) so your boss completely loses his mind trying to clean up dried glue to collect a check.


Joe Statti

We always grind our concrete slabs clean and never skimp on the glue.


Glenn Harris

If it's glue and nail, use a manual nailer. Also spread glue on all of your clothes prior to starting so you don't get upset when you get it on you.


Dawson Parris

Don't glue yourself into a corner.


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Jonathan Knight

With layout and careful planning it is possible to keep the glue off you and off the finished product and still be productive. Rushing and making a mess may get you dropping serious square footage, but at the cost of extensive clean up, it's just not worth it.


Tony Robison

Clean and cover as you go. The biggest issue we see is adhesive on floors. Also consistently change your cleaning rag to avoid creating a haze from cleaning.


Eric R. Zurn

Use the proper tapping bar so you don't find damaged factory edges later.


Wayne Walker

Tell the new guy to bring an extra set of clothes if he wants a ride home at the end of the day.


Josh Frink

Put tape on the face of the trowel. It makes cleanup A LOT easier.


Ian Walser

Have a big bottle of mineral spirits or your favorite glue remover handy. Customers will always find glue spots.


Rene Munoz

Use a 6-foot level and run it all over the floor to diagnose hollow spots.


Ryan Norris

Lay all the extra boxes of wood on the floor as you go to weight it down evenly, then walk on the boxes instead of the wood so the new guy doesn't potentially track glue. Only glue in measured, snapped-line sections.


Genia Smith

Charge double.

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