This issue's tip is from Andrew Ogden of Brookens Wood Floors in Springfield, Ill.

I created this eight-outlet box for my saw table after I got tired of the cheap power strips always breaking. I was going to make a six-outlet box until I saw the four-gang box; I went ahead and made it eight outlets just in case. While all eight outlets are never used at once, it's handy to not have to unplug or plug in each tool as needed. They are wired in series after the GFCI outlet. The cord is a 30-foot old heavy-duty edger cord we had lying around, and the box is custom-made white oak with an iron acetate wash and several coats of Bona Mega finish. Someone suggested alternating the direction of the plugs so you don't have to turn your cord no matter which way you're holding it, which sounds like a good idea.


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