Trick of the Trade: Making Floor Demo Easier, Upright

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This issue’s Trick of the Trade comes from WFB author/blogger Angelo DeSanto of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.-based Dande West: Many years ago I noticed concrete saws on wheels used for cutting joint control lines in new slab pours. I bought a similar tool from a company called Dude Tool manufactured in the same city where I live; the owner is the inventor and very proud of his engineering skills. I’ve been using the Dude Tool Saw Buster Cart with a circular saw to walk upright while cutting up a floor during demos ever since. (On the job pictured I used the box shown over the saw to contain the dust, and it worked pretty well.) Once the floor is cut into 3-by-3-inch squares (for silane adhesives, a 2-by-2-inch square would be better), I simply remove each square one at a time with a rotary hammer. The wide spatula bit on the rotary hammer works best, and I like the 27-pound hammer. Further, a low angle on the hammer keeps the spatula bit from digging into the slab (it’ll cut a divot alright—it’s got the power!). Recently, I demo’d 682 square feet of a glue-down wood floor in a few hours and still had time to go to the dump and get the rental trailer back before 5 p.m. That’s production that works for me. (Get more info at

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