Sharp Pog Oscillating Saw Blade Sharpener

Jon Yelle of Myrtle Beach, S.C.-based Classic Wood Floors tried the patent-pending Sharp Pog.

The Sharp Pog is a patent-pending device that you can put on your drill to sharpen your oscillating saw blades. It's a metal cutting disk that is 3 inches in diameter separated by 1⁄16-inch-thick rubber washers on a 3⁄8-inch arbor; the overall width is 1 1⁄2 inch.

When I first received the Sharp Pog, I was skeptical, to say the least. And initially on the first few attempts, I had difficulty getting the oscillating blade to sharpen in an even manner—I had teeth on one side and not the other.

But, after a few attempts and adjusting the speed of my drill to a lower speed, I was able to transform my worn-out oscillating blade into a refurbished useable blade. Having this tool enables you to get so many more uses out of your blades with a quick sharpening and have them ready to go. If you're on a job site and have worn out your blade, and the supply store is 30 minutes away, or if you only have a few cuts left, the Sharp Pog is the perfect solution to keep in your arsenal.

As I mentioned, the user has to become comfortable with the right way to use the Sharp Pog. Other than that, the only con I see is that although the Sharp Pog sharpens the oscillating blade nicely, it is more of a coarse-tooth blade after sharpening. My company does a lot of high-end work, where a fine tooth blade is needed for precise cuts, and even though the sharpened blade cuts well, I would still keep a new blade on the truck for those super-precise cuts.

That being said, I will definitely keep a Sharp Pog in my work trailer to extend the life of those worn-out oscillating blades.

Retail price: $29.95 + shipping & handling


Etymotic Earphones

Colin Clarke of Plus Hardwood Flooring in Glenview, Ill., tried the Etymotic HD5 Safety Earplugs + Earphones.

The Etymotic HD5 package comes with four sets of earplugs—two foam and two three-flange styles—with two sizes for each. Having options is great; it allows you to try out which earplug works best for the job and your ears. I found the sound deadening of both the foam and three-flange ear plugs was very similar. It mainly comes down to preference and your own comfort for yourself. I personally loved the large three-flange style (7-12 mm). In the directions they mention to fold over the last flange to create a cone-like earplug to restrict noise from entering.

Playing music was another great asset for the product. I was able to listen to my music and still be aware of my surroundings with the earphones. One of my bigger concerns when it comes to sound-deadening earphones is being able to hear other co-workers, and with these I was still able to do that, which is a huge plus when it comes to our safety. Even the volume of the music is set to a limit so I am still able to hear the background of the machines buzzing lightly, along with people communicating if anything were to go wrong.

Overall this product is very helpful, and the quality really stands out as far as the comfort. I would highly recommend these earphones to anyone who works in the trades.

Retail price: $65


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