Facebooks ads are an inexpensive way to get rich returns for your business.

Take it from Chris Chamberlin of The Floor Guys in Marshall, Mo. He didn't want to put $1,000 or more into a polished TV, newspaper or radio campaign, but he did want to do something to get his company's name out there.

He started promoting—Facebook calls this "boosting"—his company's before-and-after photo posts for only $20–$30. The likes, comments and shares started pouring in, and then came the calls for estimates.

"They see all the before-and-after pics and immediately say, 'That's who I want!'" Chamberlin says. "It's the cheapest advertising out there."

Here's Chamberlin's process for boosting before-and-after photos:

1. Post the photos to Facebook like you would normally. Provide a helpful caption.

2. On the post itself, click the "boost" button (note that this will only be available if your Facebook is properly set up as a business page instead of a personal account).

3. Target an audience.

4. Choose a budget.

5. Start your campaign.

For targeting his audience, Chamberlin chooses 16–65 year olds located within an hour away from his business; the latter keeps his driving time down. Chamberlin adds that you can get more targeted if you'd like to—he mainly hears from women, for example.

Recently Chamberlin promoted a post for $25 using the above targeting parameters. It reached more than 4,000 people and garnered 800 "engagements," or clicks anywhere on the post. He says the metrics will translate into business: "I'll get a bunch of calls from people who would never have reached out to me otherwise."

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Andrew Averill is the former associate editor at Wood Floor Business. A graduate of journalism at the University of Wisconsin, he had internships at newspapers across the country—San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, The Flint Journal—before a bad case of rug burn turned him into an advocate for floors of a harder disposition.