After their photo of a stained Southern yellow pine floor got 12,000 Facebook shares, Williamsport Wood Floors owners Dylan Siddle and Nicholas Maxson were inundated with project requests. A lot of them, however, were in California—a bit out of the way for the Williamsport, Pa.-based crew. "We were getting calls all across the United States," Siddle says. After it was posted, the floor, which had just been given its first coat of finish, was shared by one of Siddle's friends and then by a woman in California. From there it took off, reaching an astonishing 1.6 million people in four days. "I'd never seen anything like it," says Siddle, who started the company with Maxson just months earlier. Siddle isn't sure exactly why the post blew up ("The photo wasn't even that good!"), but he and Maxson took advantage of the spotlight, responding to many of the 2,300 comments with an answer or a goofy GIF. "Being helpful and being kind and being funny, that stuff goes a long way," Siddle says. Since the viral post, they have doubled their Facebook efforts and aim to use it to grow their young business, which now has nearly 3,800 followers. "You've just got to keep grinding every day," Siddle says. "That's how you get followers, by constantly being active."

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