Seth Miller of Spooke, B.C.-based Boardwalk Custom Wood Floors says a lot of his clients have the same question: "What's the strongest finish?" He never had a definitive answer, so he decided to settle it with an elaborate experiment. And as a lover of YouTube, he recorded his testing process for the masses. His resulting finish review, published in March, has been seen nearly 30,000 times. Knowing skeptics on the internet abound, Miller took extra measures to treat each finish equally during the test. Thus, the "Auto Scratcher" was born. A pinewood derby-esque contraption created by Miller and his wife, Elaine, the Auto Scratcher holds different weights and tows nails of varying sharpness across each finish in the video. In case viewers questioned the evenness of each drag, Miller bought a winch to pull the Auto Scratcher across the boards. The video was months in the making, and Miller's supplier now shows it to anyone who asks about finish durability. Miller's company Facebook page also saw a huge influx of views after the video took off. "It's a great way to get your name out there," says Miller, who is planning more reviews. "And it seems like YouTube doesn't have a whole lot of flooring content, so they'll naturally rise a bit to the top."



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