Being hunched over for hours under bright lights made creating this textured white oak feel almost like performing dental work, particularly due to the rotary tool, says Kyle Neuroh of Neuroh Hardwood Flooring. "It's kind of what your dentist has, but bigger," he says of the wood carver. (Of course, if your dentist does have one of these, run!) The intricate wood textures were created on a panel for a flooring showroom in Design Galleria in Nashville, Tenn. The panel is only 36 inches, but it packs a lot in: The piece was CNC-cut by Daniel Antes of Daniel Antes Marquetry and disassembled in Neuroh's workshop, where Neuroh worked away on the white oak using the rotary tool, which has a foot pedal to control its speed. With wood dust flying and each cut requiring intense focus, the carving was time-consuming. "It's definitely not for the faint of heart," Neuroh says. When he completed the carving, he used a shou sugi ban technique to darken the other white oak frame pieces, then wire-brushed everything and applied oil finish. Neuroh sees the innovative texturing as an accent option for custom floors. "I really feel like wire-brushing and different forms of texture for floors and other woodworking artwork are becoming more sought-after," Neuroh says. "I'm always trying to find ways to show the benefit of something hand-textured."


Finish: Vesting LED | Rotary tool: Foredom | Wood flooring: Daniel Antes Marquetry


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