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A Flooring Sign of the Times

Ryan Kushner

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For years, the marquee in front of Frederick, Md.-based Petersen's Carpet & Flooring has been making passersby smile. Its messages have included everything from puns ("Hello? Is it me you're looking floor?") to inspirational quotes to tongue-in-cheek commentary on local events. When Sarah Ruckert signed on as assistant sales manager at the company, she knew these community-centric gems deserved a place on the internet—and the internet thanked her. Pictures of the signs have become a big hit on the company's Facebook page over the years, reaching hundreds of thousands of people, and drawing countless people into the store (sometimes just to thank them for the laugh). Ruckert says it brings a personality to the store that connects it with the community. "Making it less about flooring and more about fun really helps," she says. "Nobody's going to interact with a post that says 'hardwood on sale,' but they will interact with posts that are funny and moving."

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