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Gym Floor Time Lapse Video Attracts Views, Grows Business

Ryan Kushner
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As any pro knows, refinishing a college court takes time. So maybe that’s why seeing days of hard work condensed into seconds can attract big views online. For Michael Blexrud of Oak Park Heights, Minn.-based Athletic Performance Solutions (APS), a 28-second time-lapse video of Blexrud refinishing the court at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn., drew more than 70,000 Facebook views.

“It’s pretty quick, it gets to the point,” Blexrud says of the time-lapse video’s success. “The canvas is so big, and people like to see that sander.” Blexrud shared the college’s video to several Facebook groups he’s active in, as well as his personal page. APS was subsequently tapped to do several other college courts in the area.

Blexrud now works with the colleges to set up the cameras. “You need a good angle and a good view so you can see the entire canvas,” he says. He plans on continuing to experiment with the time-lapse videos on social media to grow their views and collaborate with the colleges he works with. Having over 70,000 eyes on this one was an encouraging start, Blexrud says: “Not bad for a small town Midwest business!”

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