TikTok, the video-sharing app, gained enormous popularity in the U.S. social media scene last year with viral dance challenges and short funny videos. But one wood flooring professional has found a way to take advantage of TikTok for his business. Pro Kevin DeNike, who owns Upper Saddle River, N.J.-based Heritage Custom Flooring, has garnered millions of views since joining TikTok at the beginning of 2020. His most successful posts have been finishing videos, tapping into the popular "satisfying videos" genre. "I definitely didn't think people would be that into polyurethane being coated on a floor," he says. As it turns out, "people are more interested in the process—not just the glory shots that are put on Instagram, but how you get that," he says. He recommends other pros take advantage of the exposure and easy video editing platform TikTok provides. "It used to just be about doing the work," DeNike says of the flooring trade. "But now, displaying it the right way, I think, is very effective."

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