See The Top 20 WFB Magazine Articles From 2023

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WFB went through the numbers to compile the 20 most-viewed WFB magazine articles from 2023 online. Here’s how they ranked:

20. Trick of the Trade: ‘My Two Cents’ for Better Stain Mixing

19. Q&A: What Are These Strange Raised Areas in this Wood Floor?

18. How I Prevent Trouble Before It Starts With Client Expectations 

17. My Trigger Phrase: 'Been Doing It That Way for 35 Years'

16. Wood Floor Q&A: Wood Floor Shake Explained

15. Rolling with Opportunity: See the Winners of the 2023 WFB Truck and Van Contest 

14. The Top Reasons Why Finishes Fail (to Perform)

13. Wood Floor Rescue: Coming to the Rescue for Grandpa’s Old Wood Floors 

12. How I Handle These Common but Difficult Customer Scenarios 

11. Tips for Successfully Installing Metal Inlays in Wood Floors

10. The Next Generation: Black Wood Floor Pros Look to the Future of the Industry 

9.  ‘Dust Blowing Along the Road’: A Bottled Message From 19th-Century Floor Installers 

8. Oyster Bar Floor Medallion Makes Waves

7. Routers 101: What a Wood Floor Pro Should Know

6. Confidence in Their Craft: See the Winners of the 2023 Wood Floor Business Design Awards 

5. Top-Nail 5/16-Inch Strip: How We Did (and Still Do) These Floors

4. What Lies Beneath: How I Prevent Moisture Problems Before the Sale

3. From Start to Finish: How We Did This Gym Floor

2. How We Flatten Wood and Concrete Subfloors

1. What I've Learned as an Inspector for 'Luxury Vinyl' Flooring

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